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As a residential treatment center for teen and preteen girls, we strive to ensure a great fit between your daughter's treatment needs and our program even prior to placement.

We want families to succeed and that means knowing who and where we can help the best. Becoming a young woman can be a confusing and at times overwhelming experience, especially in today's world.

We offer a reduced technology experience wrapped in a relaxing and engaging one of a kind program.

With our small group program and farm animal team, we are an ideal match for girls between the ages of 12 & 17 who are struggling with.....

Who do we help?

The Admissions Process

We know that parents and caregivers reaching out to us are often in a very difficult and heart breaking point of their lives.  No one ever imagines having their child go somewhere else, but times can come where it feels like you have tried everything you can and it just isn't working well enough (or maybe even at all). We make our admissions process as simple, yet thorough as possible to see if we are a good fit for your family. 

Step 1- Initial Assessment

We complete a brief, pre-admission assessment with each potential family to find out the following:

  • What are the needs of the youth and family--what are the reasons for treatment and goals of treatment?

  • Is youth appropriate for program  

Through specific questions, we collaborate together to understand your needs, answer any questions about our program, and explore possible options. 


Eden, Utah

Business  801-835-9359

Clinical 479-222-8462

Thanks for submitting!

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