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A Program by Mothers for Daughters

A one of a kind organization,  Wildflower Mountain Ranch (WMR) provides teenage girls and assigned female at birth with an approach to healing that has been specifically developed to fit their needs. Whether it’s our individualized therapeutic programming, our animal therapists, or our beautiful location, WMR is highly qualified to address the complex needs of adolescent girls to change their relationships and their future.​ As adoptive parents, we also hold a special place for post-adoptive families and the unique challenges they face. As a non-profit,

we work with Adoption Assistance Programs in funding treatment. ​

At WMR, our therapeutic approach is all about connection: the identity you have with yourself and the connections you have with others. We believe that when a girl can feel safe to be vulnerable, tremendous growth can happen. As a residential treatment program for girls, we help cultivate a positive peer culture among our students by encouraging teens to share their experiences and lift each other up as women. By working with this specific population, our clinical programming specializes in behaviors and mental health struggles that are common among young women, including anxiety, low self-esteem, self harm, and trauma.​ Studies show that high schoolers are more motivated to participate in group discussions in single-gender settings, where they generally experience less social pressure and feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information, such as in group therapy.  We take the focus off the initial pressures of independent adolescence and instead focus on building healthy relationships, boundaries, and mutual respect. Our homes heal and protect our most vulnerable. We believe these homes will help raise the next generation of women and change our world in the process. ​

Our Mission

We strive to provide individuals with a deep sense of self-acceptance and love. We are a title IV-E eligible, non-profit residential treatment program for adolescent girls  (individuals age 12-17 identified female at birth) in Northern Utah.

We are a small group residential treatment center with highly individualized treatment for both our residents AND their families. 

Our treatment offers multiple sessions per week of individual and group therapy. Family therapy is also provided and strongly reccommended via telehealth for the parents who also need to heal from this experience. 

We offer the leading evidence based practices to help our clients and their families reconnect and heal, including:

  • DBT  for emotion regulation 

  • (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

  • EMDR  for trauma healing 

  • (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

  • TF-CBT for trauma processing

  • (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy)

  • Equine Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy for building self awareness, compassion and empathy, and another safe way to be vulnerable without judgement.

  • TBRI for improved family relationships

  • Trust Based Relationship Intervention

We offer support groups for parents as well as teaching opportunities to learn the skills that our kids need in this new generation. It takes a village and we are excited to welcome you into ours. Never feel alone in your parenting journey again!

The Wildflower Way

Small group, family setting 

Many of our youth come from a home setting and are expecting to return to a home setting---we replicate that environment so that relationships can be built by avoiding large placement groups where a youth can feel lost and hide their emotions in a crowd. We beleive in a family support approach versus institutional care setting. We want our youth to be able to live and thrive in families and in communities.

Restraint free, Inclusive Treatment

We beleive that all behavior has a reason and that fear or isolation tend to increase poor behaviors and/or damage trust and relationships. Different from industry standards, we do not allow restraint or seclusion in our treatment. We work closely with our staff and family member to be able to replicate the positive results of our approach.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Through trust-based exercises, we empower youth to cultivate relationships grounded in trust and understanding, both with the animals and with themselves. Teens & preteens can often act reluctant to open up to adults in their lives. Our animal rich environment allows a safe space to begin to open up and connect while also safely reflecting back how their behaviors may be affecting their relationships.  

Welcome to Wildflower!

Outpatient therapy is not enough support and multiple concerns arising between sessions without improvement.


Family relationships are strained and it feels like everything is a fight



Youth is withdrawing or lashing out at healthy relationships​hing out at healthy relationships​


Youth may be impusive, focusing time on unhealthy relationships or unsafe behaviors, including self harm

When is Residential needed?

Support Services

The Wildflower family has  fired up a vision where it's all about building a village. Inside this village, we support each other and give space to grow, from the girls we treat to the parents and families we support and collaborate with. 

Our residential services include:

Residential placement, individual assessment and treatment planning, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, education services for youth durring treatment, parent/caregiver coaching and education, life and career skill training and experiences, and recreational activities with healthy connection modeling.

We also offer post-placement support and telehealth counseling services. Our vision is to build a Sisterhood where parents and daughters get to build lifelong supports and resources.

Contact Wildflower Mountain Ranch

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PO BOX 275 EDEN, UT 84310

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