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The Wildflower Trifecta

Tackling the Issues

Wildflower Mountain Ranch had a plan to create a unique and effective program -- a program by mothers for daughters. Together they created the outline for their first program they lovingly call “The Trifecta,”—Identity, Connection, and Direction. Instead of large groups treatment is focused on small groups and is accompanied by some of psychology’s leading evidence-based treatments. 



A primary goal of treatment is to help youth better understand themselves and what is driving unhealthy behaviors and instead guide them to apply healthy coping methods to meet their emotional, mental, and physical needs. In order to change behavior, we have to know ourself and what we need. Adolesence is a common phase of exploration--yet in order to build safety, we need some guidelines about that journey. We teach teens and their families how to embrace identity and listen to needs that have often been burried under trauma and grief. We give tools and a path to heal.



Whether we like it or not, we are not meant to go through this life alone. Yet when we experience painful relationships or grief, we don't know how to trust them either.  Our ranch atmosphere begins these connections with our animals and highly trained staff. While improving relationship communication and trust skills through modeling connection, we extend the foundation for building healthy relationships and setting boundaries where the bonds of trust flourish.

This non-profit, women led organization expands the sense of connection not only within our clients and families, but also within our communities. 



The unknown can be daunting for an adult and even more so for a teenager. Our treatment offers experiences and opportunities to explore strengths , interests and skills so the future looks a little bit brighter. 

We have the unique opportunity to expose these girls to successful entrepreneurs and other influential role models to help inspire their future visions of what their life could be.  

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